Issue Management

With deep experience in strategic planning and crisis management at the highest levels, our team has the expertise to make sure you, your campaign, or your issue never gets blindsided and your message keeps driving forward.


Developing a Winning Message

Developing a winning message starts with understanding your audience. Our team is skilled at developing a message that resonates with your audience and wins for you.


Media Relations

Getting your message into the world depends on seeing it through a reporter’s eye.  Our team has more than 20 years experience working with TV, radio, print, and digital media outlets.  We are former communications directors, press secretaries, and issue advocates.  We know how to get your story out and make it heard.



From logistics to content, our team has the expertise to execute high energy, effective trainings from beginning to end.  We can plan and deliver trainings on any issue that will leave your staff or volunteers informed and energized.


Grassroots and Grasstops

We have deep connections with elected officials and opinion leaders from the national to the local level.  And we have a deep understanding of how to mobilize the grassroots to move an issue.


Strategic Communications

A winning campaign starts with a strategic assessment of where your issue stands with the public.  We help you assess your issue from every angle, including your opponent’s.  We position your message to resonate with the public for maximum impact in any environment.


Campaigns and Elections

We’ve won campaigns up and down the ticket—from Stabenow for Senate, to Peters for Congress, to victories in the state house, local elections, and ballot initiatives across Michigan.  No matter who or what you’re campaigning for, no one will fight harder than our team to help you win.


Opposition Research

We have unmatched expertise when it comes to the comprehensive research required to understand your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.  Our team leaves no stone unturned to give you what you need to develop your opponent’s record and campaign on all the facts.


Non-Profit/Issue Advocacy

We have a long, successful history of working closely with issue advocacy organizations and nonprofits.  Whatever your passion, our public relations philosophy is well-suited for organizations that have their eye on long term change.